Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"puplication" & "abstract photocopy art"

can we print out the whole of issue
one, you have not even thot about
looking for work, made me jump
from the single page, mere marks,
what do you intend to do with
all this writing, now we are
really grinding, we are writing
our way forward thru time,
all the text on the day, note the
difference in the colour of the
white papers, you never even
mailed the puplication to the
authors, b-one rag, you are not
facing reality, you get the real,

didn’t you say you were going
to do something with this, plug
you, si rag, yes well we’ve all
seen bare naked ladies, you are
not even thinking about what you
are supposed to be thinking about,
abstract original, active project
becomes done deal, revise your
history, it was only a bit of
garbage in the first place,
queen tease, soap and shit, refile
rifle, face the fact that nobody
is ever going to see these texts,
abstract photocopy art, upgrade,

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