Monday, June 06, 2011

"angerman" & "neyet"

aish, one is not an elk, no longer in
the honey loop, this could be your
ad, this text wants you to go to
that text, twenty-six inch screen,
shamic, the message is: click click
click, concrete bunny, angerman,
the contents have nothing to do
with the envelope, is this real
handwriting or some kind of
computer font, yer elastic band
turned into chow mein, wad
of photocopies, the elastic band
was the binding, it looks kind
of mailish but, graphomania blu,

ella salmon, the boss needs you
you don’t need the boss, let us
try to understand each other,
olestra, meditate on porn, anti-
consume, the total worl, buck
system, the entity formerly
known as jane, bonus photo,
parlez this into, those nice tall
building about to fall, maybe
if we had the language,
needle-in-a-haystack literature,
humans go home, one point and
a comma, signed in pencil,

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