Saturday, June 25, 2011

"cayoosh" & "kerogen"

joy is in parting, twenty bucks for
a printer, orama, saint antec,
cayoosh, you have to destroy it to
use it, infinite resolution,
what is the senza, pay pave gray
grave, current trance, ahc, i
fly in a jet, the stamps you missed,
draw a line of blood in the
snow, don’t tell me where to
stick it, a very what what,
a heinous mistake, number nine
number nine number nine, this
list is toast, don’t care a cent,
economics could harness, every
work of art is an uncommitted
crime, seep loo, misprinted face,

you could ask the computer
to do a better job, department
of aversion, batang che, lying
under press, fanac, the peak oil
theory, kerogen, cuntstruck,
ishidoro, the bakken formation,
a real gappy font, you can’t just
write all day, starting to
see the crap as good enuf, all
the particles that look like
this, there will be no karma
today, jaji, sep two, soft text,
jut skank, zep two, telltale
bleed of ink, toner choke,

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