Sunday, June 26, 2011


sew knot, my life flushed before my
eyes, rainbowing, gun struction,
o k and again, the lay, coiler, pollies
pour in, motile room: beer cans under
the sink, a skien, advertizing jingles
stuck in their heads, staying put in
the car, what day of the weak is it?,
you’re writing on it!, sell you lose,
skyling, the very word, curt tail,
the study or logic of swelling,
mountain strange, said something,
fear of locks, driving thru rock,
wall to wallish, professing to
create, road deactivated, he
won the lottery, idea in thing,
imbue the myth, let the eye
decide, typerope walker, waste
trance for sight, trashed
satellite discs or dishes, fight
the right!, committee of diseased
city zen s, textualizing, the outdoor
rink in summer, china knows!,
skooby do,

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