Sunday, June 12, 2011

"emo 1984" & "fisjing"

nineteen eighty-seven wants you
to return, emo nineteen eighty-four,
what do we care about your
predicament, publish the apology
for no submission, we already
have all these texts memorized,
how a writer applies for a grant,
i think i know what this text is
talking about, is this text
lecturing me, how the hell did
you do this, a thousand copies
ought to be enuf, let’s go to our
happy place shall we, and then
for emphasis kill yourself,
well yeah we did grind,

those who do not what, oh i thot
it was a face, fisjing, filth is
in the eye of the beholder, eye
nook shook you nook shook,
“pataphysical mail, margin for
annotation, made some changes
but missed the errors, yes you
still have your place amongst
the lunatics, pitter-pata-fzzz,
does your dog shit, an eye-
full of pussy, innocuous
envelope cover, ought not to
be visible out in the street,
you wouldn’t really kill,

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