Sunday, June 05, 2011

"fluxuspose" & "paraliza"

bodit, aaiqu, ords, holdszonda,
sylt tower, three hundred hubcaps,
fluxuspose, garden by life, out
of the library of, you never see
the sun in there, hexy screws,
are those burnt, oidos sordos,
this is about the same time,
don’t waste your energies on
art, letting the world in again,
and the conversation continues,
peripod, vivus, piles of file
cabinets, sunken loofa, the
golden bookmark, made you
look professional, zacatecas,

something you did ten years
ago, change and change again,
what were you doing ten years
ago, where did you get this crap
and why didn’t you throw it away,
well you cut the pages at least,
paraliza, hoof it should have
bin, takin’ liberties takin’
liberties, yr hat inversion,
saw clock tick, bananas gang,
eye can’t see anything, being
at the right place at the right
time to seize the crown,

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