Saturday, August 27, 2011


this is like touching your hand,
this is like being your hand,
you can’t really write about each
individual speck, packing material
reality, i know just the place
for this graffiti, subtle
beyond, tissue is not an issue,
pornographic confetti, you have
a difficult hand, genuine
fourteen year old photocopy
art, documentation to all
participants hahaha, but is
it handmade, ray bucks, becz,
conz, i think this might be
my best work ever, this might
be profound, ray cage, script
tease, iso t-storms, consume
stored electricity, the money
you spent has nothing to do
with you any more, roadside
bomb hits armored money truck,
dehighlight, sausaphone,
indoor weather, pudding water,
honefully, he had lived badly,
contact improvisation, jelly
wobblies, prolepsis, penny
van, counting hotties,
diremption, a poetics of
consumption, metapoetics,
a poetics of anti-production,

1 comment:

WEE-HOO said...

Congratulations. I like it. I like them all. I like your hands.