Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"pastirol salmiak" & "damdochax"

i don’t know how the addresses
get on the envelopes, you want
to be inside the envelope, sixty-
five thanks, intentional tear
drops, pastirol salmiak, busy
being buddha, pirrachio
pietra, get in at the small begin
of the wave, it was coming pretty
cheap, these marks made twenty
years ago by my first child,
when i was throwing things out
and you were saving them, bus
o, what is missing is what got

falanga, lissims arcadia,
damdochax, perhaps these documents
should be suppressed, typewriter
patina, your orgasms are improving,
it’s time to get back into real
time, this moment right now will
become part of the happy days,
the spaces are to help you find
a path thru the text, this text
is going to need an extension,
foist this art on you, a trunk
full of old photocopies,

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