Thursday, August 18, 2011


prake, serviette, a famous gar,
derksen, it no longer indicates what
it used to indicate, bee three three
seven six is, okemah, adipocere,
cold and humid environment,
lixivious liquor of the body,
realxin, simple transaction,
mental highlight, hyer, praking,
the ribbon typescript setting
copy, hyperdistilled, notlanguage,
condottiere, money for
contemplation only, pseudo-use,
we need the rest of this text,
where the masses shop, concrete
technology, a vehicular flâneur,
an ecology of concrete, helpful
comments especially, chinese
hawaiians and europeans, the
leisure industry, social
polarization, socialtechnical,
chapter three red, peristome,
we need to go to press, the
future is yours to write,
sensorium, auxin, the creation
of text, time and money at
a standstill, let your hand
trace the letters,

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