Tuesday, August 30, 2011


cosmic checkmate, this moment
lasts forever, seldom a drop,
that’s a lot of handwriting,
lomita, drinking fish, anarchy
cluster, copy chore, data skull,
ray johnson cargo cult, the
evolution of thot, majack,
chackrajack, are we supposed to
try and read this, permanent
mail, online tariffs, network
fee, go electricity free,
virgule dot, the apotheosis of
concrete, obligatory passage
point, thanatosis, concrete
heart, aphotic, the reign of
concrete, clinker, worldwide
concrete maw, concrete is a
kind of dream substance,
mute concrete testaments,
scuppernong, moist orange
streetlamp, handinglove, my
canon, skol, ad-sense can pick
a needle out of a haystack,
because the ribbon was fading,
pitched a no-hitter on lsd,
knitting hats for bumblebees,
abzu, hyperglossia, sweatheat,
ink water trance, wet your
pants on the airplane,
another ream of paper,
salted cinnamon, ink,

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