Wednesday, August 31, 2011


käserei, shawville blvd, at limit,
five hundred coffee filters, la
hitraot, tamam, xenial, glabello,
the emos couldn’t be happier,
baktun, discipline tours, flux
logic, fluoxetine, humanity
coming to an end, meaning is use,
duramorph, election hinges on
christian, an infinitely small
singularity, united penny,
ictus, error orange, noema,
isolexism, polyptoton, the poetic
booby trap, ficto-criticism,
parabasis, hypallage, isotopy,
preterition, exophoric, coniglio,
paralipsis, epiphonema, fuckbook,
italics and double colon,
paper is such delicate stuff
really, this chunk will be
junked, artivist scholar, a
zine is a machine, fifty
identical objects, not exactly
a signature but, five identical
objects, signs in the text
that only the author can
see, why doesn’t this text fill
the page, fuckoffable, lose-ah-
paloozah, raw sewage, the
nechack, microtrance, writing
aum over and over, you are
three millimeters from gutter,

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