Sunday, August 28, 2011


p o em, peeing in the playground,
on the front porch in a trance,
pokmon, baviere, a philosophy of
luck, one is on the warpath of
least resistance, mandragoras,
flemish giants, rhodeola rosea,
highlight sparingly, hot bananas,
the book throws nice, paravans,
scientific beating, sati, essays
in colonial history, develop
concrete, bantustan, forced
to erase their own footprints
while crawling backwards,
mundu, sex that is female-
initiated, veshya, omologeo,
metadiscourse, the love laws,
soppyhat, monetary
transcendence, a bonfire of
hats, citizenship concrete,
deindustrialization, haze
enveloped a city, you can get
a lot of mileage out of a
piece of paper, text that has not
been marked up yet, do your
wounded, mere blue,
referential concrete, a
thicket of typographic signs,
period comma,

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