Thursday, August 11, 2011


maybe better to leave no trace, there’s nothing random about
love, trying to write the most boringest writing possible,
if it leaves a trace it ain’t true love, names muscle their
way into your consciousness, one-thirteen, these two divergent
objects are approachine each other and becoming one, first
we write then we sort, nothing but betty stork, image loss no
problem, substenance, do you want to try to slip these past the
censor, we never asked the machine for much, evif, lithography
work, let dot doc, bazil amp baxil, this upper portion is not
part of the text, something is nothing, b dot s dot, copies
nice and black, bubble lines, are you writing, the first of the
green, a small green bit of life, eat green leaves, today’s the
day all the writing moves, edit the tide, cat my dogs, how’s
yer eyes, slighly less black, empty understanding, eros search,
modnar evol, how can you write about something so blank, the
self we project out into the world, is it a typo or an, these
seem to be advertising themselves as originals, what are the
neighbors going to think when they hear this racket, now a
new name has come into our field of awareness, other and others,
skittering words, posed to, laughs but not leaves,

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