Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"hdpe" & "drop hit"

evidence of yesterday, the dust
is the evidence, grubby swizzle,
not every acorn becomes an oak, do
not shake the net, gold spilling
forth, one good lumber crayon,
one jay, bite the gold, gold log,
gold-plated styrofoam, thumb-
nail check, gold pin prick, torn
corner art, antique thumbtacks,
big white nothing, diaper-pin
thru ear, small plastic sleeve,
hdpe stands for, chilec, c and
y, cork art, heart and sickle,
benchmark pencil, one went nuts,

a tiny piece dropped into water
instantly releases a flood
of colour, amplify the sound of
the fingers on the metal lid,
first outline in your mind the
colour effects desired, lack
of decision usually ends in
failure, run the brush against
your lips, perfectly transparent
color, one side is the colour the
other side is the colour, in the
paint factory, chemical ink,
japonica scarlet, drop hit,

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