Monday, August 08, 2011

"bentspoonfed" & "dayglo deathhead"

a map to the art exit, mailart
project remix, on thru the night,
bang-bill, do you recognize the
face of the dead, why stop at
the neck, schuld, get thee to a
barstool, permanent wax drips,
bentspoonfed, abbeville, postal
instrument, art’s reich, engager,
social regression, knows ack,
errose, lobal domination, oto-
rhinorose, search this text for
sense, we miss our shadow,
cavellini, dirty pinky, expect
to be inspected,

audiomail, soccerball flower,
this reminds me of a piece of music,
beautiful little bits, ugly bit,
zip the message out thru the
channels, a little bit of pudding,
mailart goldmine, stockcar
butterfly, dayglo deathhead,
before you went too conceptual,
merr chrisma, better trance
late than never, six hundred
years old and still beautiful,
love at twelve point five percent,
expl, rubberstamp porn, indigo
love, kernkraftwerke, too public,

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