Sunday, August 07, 2011

"eternal notwork"

all gray area, all grey area,
always lookin’ for another, wolves-in-
leftist clothing, other thinks going
on, poorly expressed visions,
charred dollars, pantopicon,
politically correct banking,
reading worth, the writing habit,
an imitation of time, textual
blur, hand doing, not ticking,
pay tree, new hole, opening of
the body to female, more jumbo,
trance mogumbo, eye surround,
find the door, pile folder,
back trance, previous perfect,
not illegable, this is still now,
start telling the story then,
writing sucks, take us on a
journey, peel back the layers,
art for artists’ sake, stilled,
doesn’t look like one, there’s
worse & then there is worse,
casting a wide net, zed at
home, eternal notwork,
shoddy or shoddn’ty?, eye
orderly, oup are oy, excluding
me, protect to rate, rebound
on once elf, still something,
blu ink, in direction, be we
existe? oui!, error correct,
what’s real ? going on, a hard
copy of our written work,

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