Friday, August 12, 2011


thinking on the other side, one
hundred percent time, enormous text,
more gumption!, en extension, we
conduit, solder time, more
directions than one can imagine,
hip members, gathering content,
sex-positive, size of alphabet,
whow are you getting your po’
stage?, both ways, having similar
difficulties with ink, sucka!,
colour blind, froze up inside,
intuitival ink, umteenagers,
unified in voice, impcorporation,
a cup of strong coffee at the
proper moment, time find,
what range!, all quiet at the,
ship member, jump into the
blender, e-mail signature,
number for someone, go thru a
lotta this, win thru against a
million others?, any old text,
emagination, can’t hear ya!,
a zone one intends to revisit,
big i, short intention span,
not to be given away, fine
things in the male, leaving it
to-get-her, eye detect eye, eye, i,

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