Monday, August 01, 2011

"begin primal scream"

still undone, the proper name for,
this here [ ], coming out of the whole,
this formless, feeding up, nothing we
can do to make it stay, gool ‘ole honey,
king dirt, call them flags (pass him,
introduce a foot, propagandating,
i can’t concluce, conk loose, fuck!,
meish, butt with the mind, in light
of the dark, here we are at none
too soon, dilating sphinx, the
holiness of holes, between this
phrase & the last, i don’t want to
play the game, contributing to
the general collapse, imp you
esto, another shard eh?, causing
cash to come out of pockets,
all noises, zen yattering world,
all it oration, still the mighty,
just normal people with bad
habits, sound bursting in, no
ends no, atomization, what water
lily load us, gloss & non-gloss,
the next you, fuss art of high,
the power of difference, or
viva la differance!, continuous
collapse air ian, feels like an
opening, think of oneself as some
sort of artist, get to keep the
booklet, as advertised on radio
& tee-vee, begin primal scream,

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