Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"légiposta" & "faia"

year of the banana, sometimes your
in the mood for words, are you a
writer or an author, satori i rot
as, the rap, using a completely
different hand, yes we are already
well aware of the shit, edition
of one, the lime twig, nothing but
solid paint, the truth about
capricorns, practicing your name,
erotic humour of cunning,
légiposta, moving you forward
thru time, and to hand hand
letter to letter, sprung music,
gaznato, ry, making your way,

labia bit, acrobatic sexual
activity, iconic toner monument,
oh the g is definitely finished,
faia, charles bernstein says
boo, actual information,

i speak
light, pornography as information,
run it thru a translater, after
the artist dies he/she wants you
to carry on the tradition,

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