Monday, August 29, 2011


adderall, peeing in the playground,
the what are you reading project,
found a little patch of sage,
yestersay, such a bold little
poem, millions of individual
readers, human constant the
engine, sewing up girls for their
wedding nights, a reader in
english, ye ole waning of
affect, superdiversity,
re-evaluation co-counseling,
raw feels, a rage against the
other, the not-i, response to the
concrete, the mind-belly
problem, squames, eatage,
l’autrui, supermodernisms,
the art of suicide, bites of the
cherry, idiopathic, nil by
mouth, the oem corollary,
this is thick text, echo-text,
orange girl, palingenesis,
extubation, cenophobia,
xenomania, blue moon is
available, author asks reader
to stop reading and get to
work, who owns the four
letters of the word

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