Monday, August 15, 2011


in plays of light, copy ride down,
losing the last line, inner resting,
inword progress, waxing & waning
of the full page, tabloid void,
could it be you?, here’s a tip, the
prepressed, kind of other, imp
alight!, shows the remains, roll
up them pennies!, cut out work,
hire an explainer, scissors &
glue, the window of time, be at,
dispense with map buys, call it
an aitch, roaring time, em carr
karma, jungle flower, and you
all report of a gun, howling
bat, bought some runny,
misnummer, a real mountain,
don’t give us that fancy talk,
nearly real, really near,
organize a reading tour,
get this goop outta here!,
comp!, prison selling, edge-its,
we are so provincial, die earn
all, she & a, inlets & outlets,
what we’ve bin reading,
a torrent page, hardly a
pun, inside the important
box, universal design?, softcopy,

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