Friday, August 05, 2011

"this" & "that"

yios, anolac, oh four two thousand
k, mpoutahhs, down in the caves of
the soul, fortant, c and s, dionysus
chaos, deinhard, is this a face i
see here before me, palacio de la
vega, cambium oak, hmv, rioia,
seventeen ninety-four, is that a
buddha or a frog, csa, my
heart is a pavillion, oh one thirty-
seven, in others, le compte, a with
a circle around it, olympian
drinking sessions, rp a mil,
aust alia, mise aux domaines,
calo, qualis, mystery symbol,

cannon typewriter, you could
strike a match and read the flame,
it looks as if the ten year old
paint is still wet, simon says:
cough, dancing with a cow,
five hundred impressions, of
course the thing itself is a
bit more of a delight, dancing
with the golden calf, uzad rebe,
art kite, blackshaw blip, loop-
de-loop garou, la van guardia,
everybody has an eye forth,
touch heart, elke, cello body,
the end of art, fruitboiler,

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