Thursday, August 04, 2011

"bong hour" & "glass floats"

he calls it wrying, a portion of text,
name them, a photocopy of a woodcut,
in the shadow of the pen, hole elastic,
as if it was empty, living in the sea,
the feel of the cover, fathoming the
soundings, thru there?!, blow hole,
trance maintain, bong hour, nothing
to work, everyone is speaking another
language, be all you can be: awry,
twist zine, just the soundtrack, tant
on a rank age, running up thru all the
channels, spell me, unfoldin’ golden,
continuously notify, bang our,

a word to show for it, might scare ya,
cheezies christ, big dipper fill ‘em,
play earth close to the sign, the word realm,
a duct or must sell, a vision, endorse
beginnings, merging see?, satellite
dish no phone, amen nites, things
washed over from japan, (glass
floats, i’ll ask a view, greyed out
spaces, or grade out, demobilize
it, the howling winding highway,
road subject, egological reserve,
is this your hubcap?, roust ‘em

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