Wednesday, December 12, 2012


booklet of words, transindividualizers,
patriot groups, social page evaluator,
vitrue, go barbie, swimsuits and
beehives, bogdammit, windswept
labia, dieingly, plenty offish,
the big trout lake monster, in fit it,
malawareness, insource, globehouse,
salad cluster, red tongue,
liriodendrons, cynamolgs, argatiles,
caprimulgi, musimons, cemades,
a cyclostyled document,
artificial fire, half closed eyes,
verging on orange, para-scientism,
rocker-foot horse, protosonic,
spewmetrics, scatalogics, what
font comes up, going thru these
things for the nth time, thick
description, actually do it,
i’m thinking this is forward,
everybody’s favourite seahorse,
actual others, slipping away of
opportunities, post it up around
town, the longest gone of the
long gone daddies, writing is
one thing typing is another,
crystal mine, living a life
of status updates, hegemony
of colour, phenopoem, the
stink of pink, maytu, the
original has a bit of blue,
the writer is merely nuts,

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