Sunday, December 30, 2012


laccaria amethystea, gravamen,
reflectoporn, fifty-two dollars,
come again cluster, double loaded,
express cluster, who she refers to
today, black and blue love, you
are with me, lifestyle feminism,
flux-jails, change machine
dispensing penny for dime,
concrete stuffing, moss tea,
luke dada oncle, all the info
is long gone, a roll of pretty
pennies, what can be said about
crumbs, tee broken into vee, t
for texas, wwaad, hurry up and
mail, where the entities reside,
shehorse, no this is not a smile,
don’t sweat the blank, indicate
nothing, smudge incorporated,
the blood is the message,
nirvana is only a click away,
gray smudge, grey smudge,
cloaks enuf, the character
for impunity, brown envelopes,
burn the page not turn the
page, nukespaper, if your eye
falls here, blood message,
cotton blood, nirvana blood,
boss blood, hidden blood,
samsa time, mio art, my
consolation, kilter fold,

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