Tuesday, December 18, 2012


pureland, what are these bodies
doing, co-lag, obfuckskate, on
four false illusions, it looks
like art but, clear proofing,
excalibur hotel casino,
asymmetrical feedback loop,
bignessman, extradictable, zen
prairie eco-design, i never
tendered no fifty dollar bill,
i’m still printing your work
but, carcel, lu cluster, taking
out your rage one drop at a
time, macrobookmark, nothing
is ever really dead, hard
earned cash, songthaew,
concrete corridor, a talk poet,
apparent death, riser hat,
a securing center, a
cluster of xeroxes, notchbound,
how do you control the search
engine, saskakota, when all
else fails get rhythm, roux,
maximum silence,

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