Monday, December 17, 2012


so low we can’t hear you, your what,
took the scenic route across the
street, no thing is free, what are
all these other dots, tew, did you
have a name before your current
name, hey you there walking
along looking at your phone:
heads up, may bens, lifejacking,
tonglen, karenting, art hanger,
huge coupon emailed, i’m still
using your rubberstamp but,
zinnamin, h, khlong, soi, seated
on concrete, orange tab, chedi,
gold-tab, wiharns, tripitaka,
celebrate with red meat,
the planning system, le donné,
flarfy, ergoneous, sexenio,
the great communicator,
rubble in mind, virtual
dérive, the acategorical,
other praxis, contra-textual,
hypermnesia, polytelegram,
all the phrases on the bage,
the green ink is visually
striking, let the desire pass,
a better typewriter, ink
machine, maxvis,

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