Thursday, December 13, 2012


art detox twenty-ten, fishnet hat,
black pool light, creative minds
mimic schizophrenia, junk shot,
muck bucket, hard copy press,
feces-squirting thieves, now we
have too much ink, i don’t know if
it’s worth it, no more rubberstamps,
plays against type, smackdown,
second face, gatefold, globish,
entented, relative performance,
relational aesthetics,
kynismos, ego-melting, first
you must overcome your
prejudices, capital immobility,
the technostructure, spread
them out around the page,
the palomino font, the error is
built in, skip a step, make the
cut now, enter any woman’s
name into a search engine,
postcardstock, a pleasant little
job of work, are you still sore,
run the movie, the machines are
at war, nobody bothers with
the internet, local chaos,
meaning fried, let the colour
go, new ribbon or better copier,
cash war, cathected to what,
billed as not build as,
the blockage is the direction,
planbook, we only wanted one
copy, just rotate the book,

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