Thursday, December 20, 2012

"hadronic matter"

check for hidden message, where
did your face go, enuf face,
unwanted mail, lithochrome,
dysgenic, waterhead, comare, don’t
be gettin’ funky with the letters
of my name, luchador, love is
always delusional, butterbeer,
karen eliot: wanted for crimes
against identity, actual levels
may vary, erotic coast hwy,
flowing data, hydrofracking,
teenage gang debs, the love wars,
hyperspectrum, hadronic matter,
cutting from the present,
living on milk and cookies,
a mountain to move, i’ve got
half a mind to call you,
orange and blue cluster,
one suddenly quits reading
altogether, we make book,
fuck a, but what about
the blank, cotto, art ruse,
the politics of resentment,
th konkreet slab, the
blood the blood,

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