Thursday, December 27, 2012

"mysterium tremendum"

you better not be reading this,
discontexts, phyllody, jukelip,
neo ross, orange marxist, dwelling
online, maybe i should return
your art, nothing clusters, herb
benedicta, mysterium tremendum,
home on christmas eve, materia
prima, a becoming other, a
becoming animal, chiasmus,
editioned on the copier, aphonia,
monomolecular, the retinal net,
biochip, waning or disturbance
off affect, of sorry, word salad,
disconnection syndromes, jargon
aphasia, a elegantly clumsy
hand, observable non-gaussianity,
robotic fish, the liberation
treatment, hat-happy
fashionista, viburnum
plicatum, secousse, concrete
threat, confiserie, hypnic
jerks, diaphanie, check power,
why does it look green here
and pink over there, gloire,
bladda bladda bladda,
blue smudge indicates

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