Thursday, December 06, 2012


cat hex is, it’s a construct
involving glue and staples,
what the frag, halovision,
red wedgie, slathered with ink,
i want to sleep next to plastic,
i need your measurements, the
intelligence of the poet, the
emm states, broken betties,
doral, you are a poet you dumb
fuck, lunatics monopolizing
my time, time to draw the line,
usuck, the worst of the worst
of the underground, declare war,
a production man, frivolous
intellectuals, the profit
system, wept and threatened
to chop through the power
lines with an axe, incorrigibly
plural, a riddle wrapped in a
mystery inside an enigma,
construct a zine, ataraxia
not ataxia, must trip, all

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