Friday, December 21, 2012


push button nirvana, monoatomic
gold, greedy idiots get what they
deserve, bentspoontang, get your
pussy out of my face, the candy web,
globs of death, softwerewolves,
pussy jams, need a substitute
for the substitute, years later
it finds its way into a work of art,
the wax just slipped, imperfections
in the paper dictate, i can’t go on
with replicating your, filter
cluster, unintentional art, it’s
not blank to the nose, imaginary
homeland, either canada or
herself, hypermasculinity,
wrenk, double consciousness,
discredited knowledge, acker,
dehydration control, you
found the right character,
we don’t know what it means,
clownskull, paper is for
writing, will pay you to
read, meow movie, blood,

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