Friday, December 07, 2012


in a word: all, get out in the field
everyday, subtle animal, du meme
auteur, oh i see you’re being ironic,
blowing milk, hitstorical, hell bank
notes, spewing ash or oil, refuse to
wipe, fallow directions, no poor
quality photocopies, the bag it
came in, the brown paper with
lines, the buddha wrap, get your
city behind you, you are beautiful
honest, crack white skin, come
bubbles, blow that banana, the
mailman lost the evidence, saint
ape, it is the artist who is fine,
mit dem auge festhalten,
impeached star fruit, mossy
old logs, resignated, what’s
the phone number for, south
broad, two free months, pay
din fool, chat on the go,
interest reversal, get your
card fixed, last seen entering
the elevator, dipping under
twenty-five, pink plastic bag
full of dog shit, erotognosis,
the minustry of fluxus, top
kill, zakuski, roup, scialytic
lamp, the rough packet, ahem,
snakehead fish, cupcake porn,
glue me, net shave, surtreat,
prick board photo, eco-city,

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