Tuesday, December 11, 2012


the plan is not to plan, cash-for-access,
synthetic cell, creativity is a
disease, knowledge never knew,
scrapbook moss, sexecological, garf,
mailwise, encased in concrete, the
arousal industry, we are working
into the future and into the past,
the ink says today, got a little
wet did you, there is nothing for
the bit of paper but, concrete
pillow, orange circulate, orange
handtruck, stretch clusters,
blake-light, goniometer, lu do,
waste-grinder, lampshade for a
hat, silk-worker’s brains, alosa,
go-moku, one of these big
apostrophe fonts, when you put
the disk in the computer it
automatically uses the internet,
eye apostrophe em, we can fill
this blank in later, neo-deco,
orange flippers, this blank is
more fillable than that blank,
blue, blue comma,

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