Sunday, December 02, 2012


pom, mauldin, you can’t open the
door too wide, orgasmic response
requested, fractal life form,
harmless eccentric or dangerous
lunatic, the laft suffer,
international forget your
wallet day, the cherry runs,
one is beyond love, smushed
penny, evolition, bees heaven
sex, déjà vu logic, dorcopsulus,
one is not consuming a job,
yahoo’s on first, burka porn,
sprog, poetactics, saving my
pennies to come see you, busy
being black, commented on
her own anus, metalike,
one is thinking about all,
ccl, wadi, atatich, esparto,
non frusta vixi, appanage,
enlightenment hatstands,
crypto-commercial, chit,
a frogged dolman, toponymy,
amaurosis, pigmentary
retinitis, microtick, nice
curves on the unjustified
margin, it looks yellow
here but, siblinghood,
phalarope, inniverse,
climbed moss, colocynth,
onward cowboy,

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