Sunday, December 09, 2012


find some information, the blog
directs you to the real world,
brief existence, last heard from,
from the horse’s mouth please,
let’s head off into the desert,
do you want in, we were born
in nineteen-sixty-four, stilling,
replica art, no hack, jackhammer
lady, the last show on earth,
credcunian, wandering places,
do we need ass, do we need fast
cars, hygrograffiti, mouth in
art, strawberry jam art, cubic
art, not actually on the web,
subtle obscurity, the illusion
of pussy, the way we spiral out,
a drawing is one thing: a
photocopy is another, red
bubble, roar shat, a sticker
zine, anti-chameleon, the
model versus the photographer,
photophobia, vagrant artist,
disability arts, plaster scene,
image deceit, irony mark,
the withdrawn trolley,
überlemming, peaceful at
the macrolevel, all is inside,
fiat justicia ruat, a chill
island, spare us the poetry,
that guy, bring the two
things together in your mind,

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