Monday, December 31, 2012


magic writing, textual quality
control, intellectual vampires,
chubberstamp, the blue x signifies,
the internot, petabytes, vuvuzela,
sheista, a mailbox is a vagina,
segmentarity, unique dust,
internautilus, mood control,
not all us, lyapunov function,
hoverboards, precognito, newtype,
dataflux, alprazolam, death
threat magnet, banking your
way to the grave, the rubber-
stamp kisses the paper, blank
love, the rare need, the read and
the unread, sacra testa, succo
d’arancia, carabinieri, orange
stucco, contrapposto, hypotaxis,
a starry party hat, clorazepate,
parasamgak, benzodiazipene,
tile concrete, what’s with the
colon, megaprogram motel phone,
flutter trace, we may need
more blank, a mushroom from

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