Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"nyack buddha"

this is going to take some looking,
don’t feel like you have to see it
all at once, these are from back
when you were still alive, pussy
punk, eat drink buy, art and what
about it, keep your eyes open: you
will find, work anonymously, stand
still and dance, open your eyes to
others, representations of tits, oh
boy boobs, all this art jumbled
together, repepetition, the
singularity spread, nyack buddha,
dada jobs, avenue see plus school
of art, the continual representation
of, rare to see in the unfolded
state, seven forty-six to seven sixty-
five, blank back, it’s a book,
gzowski, house slippers, house
shoes, waste locks, it’s all been
done, laughter is not happiness,
remove yr hat, never let it, if
you use the umlaut, fl sux u,
sal, harvard computer engineer,
hornet honey, emotional
wargames, cyclospora, pretender
button, cyborg buddha,
greebly writings, cloraz dipot,
mud and ping pong balls, in
cakes you decide, with the pen,
defakes, butterfish,
shake-down, langoustine,

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