Sunday, December 23, 2012

"a multistable artifact"

it’s a nice little art work, hot
potato press, kaoss, technowriting,
paradigm grifters, vermicious
knid, splake, rosswell, the wolf
children of midnapure, ubuntu,
sociopathic obsessive compulsive,
macrofreaks, blobfish, unfull
dead, blotfish, the shape of the
paper changes the poem, the myths
we die by, pump and circumstance,
un-ceremonious writing, anaphoric
deictic, the present continuous,
amyotrophic, a multistable
artifact, raki, dirty orange
chairs, soi, orange mailbox,
dharmachakra, ego equal,
d, paradigm shaft, royal
taster, look this shit up,
one has notions, gregoire
samsa, the mosswood,
remainderman, red smudge

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