Saturday, December 01, 2012


phenos, bent’s poon, one is doing
some very important fucking
around, your text becomes my text,
prisoner movement, trance fictional,
paradykes, her circle ezine, one
does not wish to continue, gridmoves,
bio-planning, glass candy, double
paradox, slan, the black helicopter,
gonzo pussy, we will enter the
premises, yer role is jamming,
miryame, let me check your work,
let the poem float up, now you
have an art sticker, ahoj, do
not overlook the fact that
you actually have to pay the
bill, plan on phoning, irving
texas, masters without slaves,
a contemporary ancient, an
orange telephone, plackets,
a bottle of waterman ink,
theorbo, wiwwing, wiwwig,
crystal zing, hat-grab,
swarzchild radius, pom and

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