Tuesday, August 20, 2013


summat, necklacing, the n, the
venison equivalent of veal,
tue recht und sceue niemand,
it’s sorry: i don’t speak nazi, the
zine tree collective, drusen,
winnipeg pepper, coin-tainer,
if fresh, vino cluster, ketjak,
scholar-activists, the orientation
to affinity, class traitor,
socialism from below, red
capitalism, commands are either
horrible, the concrete analysis
of the concrete situation,
luxemburg bicycle factory
historical militia, flora dea,
the hart panteth, electrical
house calls, all, all, all,
all all all, inal, let chance
do the writing, too much
impact, leave a little blank,
pot philosophy, no more slocans,
date limit, strip book, slow
notion, exacto art,

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