Monday, August 12, 2013

"the pastures o’ plenty o’ cowflops"

the pastures o’ plenty o’
cowflops, one million tracts,
keeping your appointments,
unobtainium, porcelain etym,
provag, relevé cluster, stock
sheets, fox cluster, hawkins
cheezies, chips cluster, x
cluster, woody’s arms, hoard
gold bars, kundalini energy,
clearwater thompson, the
mosquito is gonna come back
to haunt you, a plethora
of boobs, grind the lotus,
the karen x eliot crowd, holy
orgasm, sigils, mere goop,
confidential void, attic hymns,
case poverty versus insular
poverty, orienting-to-dead-things,
greenification, psychonaut,
psychic paramilitarism,
spart, boaking stoats, zerzan,
every horror commonplace,
ling master, pirbuterol,
zatarians, leuchtturm,
alberta ladies’ curling
association, dupe title,

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