Saturday, August 10, 2013


raku, koi, thirty dollars worth
of beer, mastro, if fresh,
don’t tell me where to sign,
the range of the magpie,
crislip, he re, emo, eve-n-odd,
paint is one thing: money is
another, the masked claw,
get this into your ear, we
use the term goodies loosely,
kim now, is this you christine,
remember ant, collage of money,
grammaticalized, oh sure it
looks cook but, er cool,
make shine cut!, dollar mail,
who’s gg?, jacannette, face
to face with the devil,
couture, a little on the
blurry side, therobolin,
morotgara, zoomweebies,
seventy-four hundred
kilometers, gst cheques are here!,
yellow census, vigueur, gafas
cloacas, hakata, tuova, one
is the elector, amp drep,
alca, enc syntrichia, i
enable yoy, read at koi,

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