Monday, August 19, 2013

"the art state"

the art state, the telephone is
virtual reality, trumanity,
bookmarx, locohomo, post unsinn
entarte kunst, armalite, mirror
mirror on the wall is this even
my face at all, abnormals
anonymous, the grim sleeper,
fanook, near reality redemption
points, moral mathematics, rose
petal pie, save your fork there’s
pie, the production of space,
mcspace, senegalise, vocalizing
orgasm, florentine paper, warped
little narrative, abruzzi north
pole, i see a pepper, rolmonica,
zabalaza, contact dancing,
capital is dead labour, bug
incision, ectopic, sunol valley,
angloculture, goji, an enema
bulb, the art of passion,
soaring concrete arch, coach
house shortbread, published
splashes, next ish, we already
moved half the run, ell is
for let, spell haettenschweiler,
drang means urge, gar sixty-
seven, putting noank on the
map, exacto wizardry,

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