Tuesday, August 27, 2013


one lump sum buster, laponia,
bonobo handshake, snowmail, high
on christmas eve, nessos, nixie tube,
a naked singularity, gurmukhi,
hyperphallic, shitstym, inklings
of desire, lapiths, ramayana,
gallery face, kvm w cluster,
whatever happened to the gift
economy, what do you mean by
community, got a gun for
christmas, crop yourself out,
benefiting mankind, live art
demo, does one have a world,
mister toasty, hella, gaze into
a world page, unit of joy, the
architecture of his anus,
shattered oranges, the sea’s
margins gum with gar,
special date, jackie ixks,
glass mind, lettuce conspire,
frank einstein, rollfish,
screw up your face, can’t you
see my smile, bananafish,
rollcod, gee rock, alber’s
class, the lumpy self, pop bike,
eat art, domesticus, anartist,
fetal monkey, self on the
street, art fire, eat piranha,

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