Wednesday, August 28, 2013


lucid clusters, cluster caramel,
santa claus came all over my
face, this press kills fascists,
she’s an inky, catshare, cosmic
magician, neopoiesis, taking the
fractal route, guinea worm,
hallucination engine, the aegis,
the twang, peiddett, trace
number, coffee off, every time
i un, edmonton trail airdrie,
arnoldia and pondidia, the
final fuck, it’s called dropping
off the radar, asics, credit
smart, blogge, gambier, oh-so-
handy, the flow of coin, insert
here, your name in a multitude
of brackets, thee, everything
you always wanted to know
about literature, cross out
the from, five hundred
dollars worth of books, the
postmodernization of work,
a movement of movements,
i don’t feel like an object,
blog maintenance, who dat,
bic blue, fundus, estrella
lluvia, stella cadenti, one
is well begun, the mama,

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