Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"spouge’s approximation"

spouge’s approximation, doc
martinis, pseudo nippon,
growthplate, cherry torn,
proletarianist psychogeographical,
black cocktail napkins, baerlaut,
colour test target, this is the
bookmark we used to read,
tariquet, stird, ysbw cluster,
follow us on facebook, love
damage, no breaches, recycled
postage stamps, the relevant
name, the sex lives of cannibals,
plumr, kaya mosher, life has no
plot, my naked friend, gnostic
mass, decide by coin toss, tails,
zico okami, zinex, patxot,
reality impaired, the marked
child, phin-zad, envelope as
bag, the destruction is a side
effect, mention my name,
pixie stix, jeri-x, warp and
weft, fino, shagreen,
shrinkydinks, lamoulka,
farruca salt, l.o.o.k.s. ,
purloined words, clade,
o’ ,

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