Sunday, August 25, 2013


o, caganer, heroin chic eyes,
psychedelic vagan, pickled red
herring, abraxas, synthetic
worlds, expat at example dot com,
dsm, don’t yank on the check, ocb
cluster, ike skyke, this is not
registering, the perforator gone
wild, art for use, individual
variations, not on the photo, i am
enjoying a fantastic
retirement yes, a beautiful
little book about the whole
world, laut, the whole world
and the bag it came in, the
aesthcipient, gelatin-
silver, let us levitate now,
more beauty than you deserve,
sing road, let gravity decide,
finding beauty in the mud
and the rust, the ghost of the
wires, we are looking thru to
at, it’s a face alright,
take a moment to gaze at
the flaking paint, art at
a remove, beautiful
package king, two cents
balance forward,

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