Sunday, August 18, 2013


amaterasus, apparent dollars,
the leaps of your worries, poison
candy, yazidi, domballah,
irminsul, amok koma, the library
of mendes, wall of vagina, irgun,
consumption human existence,
bugsy siegel, fmc, sprouting
cluster, tyme cheese, cccg cluster,
vegas event, texas shuffle, dolls
hair care, bat connects with ball,
musical research, country the
heart of an empire, drixoral,
the overnight bag, visual
politics, asiancy, a politics of
affect, high capital or empire,
politics of the archive, a
ghostly other community,
invisibilized, the ley of the
land, aquarids, om canada,
thru truth, all your e-mails
lost, desiraton,

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