Wednesday, August 14, 2013


tribology, high-tech electromagnetic
cannon, envoy holbrooke in critical,
blue horses, honeypot, mailman has
arrived with big orange box,
cupertino, fractoluminescence,
piezoluminescence, porn star maid
service, decapitalize,
breakthrough photocopies,
uncompaghre ute, wint-o-green
lifesavers, fleshtar, one never
went, hyperliteral translation,
jailbroken iphones, fleurons,
lightcycle, phalaenopsis abilis,
mendax, cloud computing,
patriot hackers, it’s got the
shape, a megazine called the
clincher, winnipeg globe, cbg
cluster, what is borp exactly,
signing is a hassle, handbook,
teilen compartir, what are
you asking me to do, no art
is poetry okay, zee ell, gar
sixty-six, buddha univershity,
the n-tity, green invisible,
ransom the postcard, which
way’s north,

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